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psychological torment and directing the other members in their rape and torture. He has a level of control over the other members of the group and gains a twisted satisfaction from that control and watching their victims suffer. He always remains outside the view of the video recordings and may also be the one controlling the camera. After the other members of the group are gone, he is finally forced to act himself.

Nike Tennis Shoes Black And Gold

Nike Tennis Shoes Black And Gold

Boyd Fowler (aka the Finisher, by Dexter) is shown to be responsible for the actual murder and disposal of each victim. When the group is done with a victim, she is transported to the locked attic in his house. It is unknown whether the victims were further raped/tortured there, but a good possibility considering that Lumen has flashbacks to torture and screaming when she first enters the attic with Dexter. They chose Emily Birch, a trainee camp counselor just a year older than them. After forcing her unconscious, Eugene as well as Cole Harmon, Alex Tilden, Boyd Fowler and Dan Mendell all brought her to an abandoned cabin where she was raped repeatedly by each man, EXCEPT for Eugene who stood off to the side, shouting confidence and how each man should "Seize their Desires". When all was done and finished, Eugene ordered Emily to take a picture of the five of them, with Eugene standing at the far left, Dan Mendell beside him with Cole Harmon in the middle, Alex to the right of him and Boyd at the far right. The picture itself appeared to be something innocent, but it captured the memory of when each of these men took their first victim.

Jordan apparently never physically raped the girls, rather he talked them down to make them feel worthless as the other men did the dirty work. He has become a very dangerous man with a deep connection to Emily Birch, whom he murdered later on. In the last episode, Jordan is killed by Lumen.

rape and torture of each victim. He keeps a piece of jewelry from each victim as a trophy.

Alex Tilden claimed to have only been following the commands issued out by Jordan, thereby being "forced" to do things he never would have. Unfortunately not much else is known about any prominent roles he takes, though he clearly takes part in the Nike Shoes Ladies Casual

´╗┐Barrel Girl Gang

The gratification Jordan received was watching the primal instinct of each man in action, getting his own personal thrill off the matter. It is thought that some of the women were also raped here, even though a majority of the suffering took place in the campsite. After a few days, Boyd would render each girl unconscious, cut a lock of their hair as his trophy and put them into a metal barrel filled with formaldehyde. It is unknown where the other seven victims were dumped. When notified by Dan that the last girl was still alive, Cole quickly went into action to move the barrels from the swamp. though he was hit by a drunk driver before he could be complete the task. He never actually touches any of the victims, relishing in the Nike Shoes New Arrival For Girls

the rape, torture, and deaths of possibly more than 12 women while active as serial rapists and serial killers. Their rapes began with that of Emily Birch (their original victim) and continued until that of Lumen Pierce, their last victim before Dexter Morgan intervened. They were the ones behind the deaths in the Barrel Girls case.

Boyd Fowler Alex Tilden treated the victims in an unknown manner, but it can be thought they followed Jordan's every command.

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The Barrel Girl Gang was the name for a group of men responsible for Nike Shoes Sale Online Cheap

Nike Tennis Shoes Black And Gold

Nike Tennis Shoes Black And Gold

Nike Tennis Shoes Black And Gold

Nike Tennis Shoes Black And Gold

Photo of the Group: Left to Right, Eugene Greer (Jordan Chase), Dan Mendell, Cole Harmon, Alex Tilden and Boyd Fowler as teenagers, Shortly after raping their first victim.

Jordan Chase would stand on with a videocamera, instructing each man to rape the women. Sometimes they would operate alone and sometimes they'd work as a group, however each man had their own unique method in torture.

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Dan would shove three fingers into his victims mouths, instead of using a dirty rag and hold them down himself.

As the years passed, each kept in contact with one another. Eugene Greer changed his name to Jordan Chase and wrote several books that would become bestsellers, propelling him to a level of popularity only dreamed about. He took Cole Harmon on eventually as his Head of Security, with Dan Mendell moving on to become a dentist, Alex Tilden becoming a successful banker and, oddly enough, Boyd Fowler ended up working for Animal Nike Tennis Shoes Black And Gold control picking up road kill. Despite their career changes, each man would meet to torture and rape women for at least a week before having Boyd to kill them off. They did this with more than 12 women and coming upon Lumen Pierce, abducting her, and prepping her to be executed until Dexter Morgan intervened.

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Dan Mendell is revealed to take part selection and kidnap of the victims. He goes to bars and clubs, searching for young blond women and lures them into a situation where they can be subdued and transported to the main torture chamber at the camp. It is unknown whether he does these latter steps alone or (more likely) with help from other group members. Having a military background, he uses whips to beat and cut each victim. He is shown to be both bold and meticulous, taking off the victims' blindfolds during his "turn" and always carefully removing and folding his suit jacket before he begins. He keeps the video recordings of each victim as trophies.

Nike Tennis Shoes Black And Gold

Nike Tennis Shoes Black And Gold

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