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How does somebody trade the best player in the world? Well Curt Styres did just that two years ago when he shipped John Grant Jr along with Mac Allen and two first round picks (2011, 2013) to the Colorado Mammoth. At the time, the Knighthawks had missed the play offs Nike Sneaker Wedges Red

Last night on the Off the Crosse Bar radio show, we had three amazing guests.

While his future hall of fame career Nike Sneakers For Men Low Cut 2018 was taking shape in Rochester, Grant didn't always make himself well liked by those outside his close circle of family and friends. Often seen as a bit of a recluse, the 'selfish, hotheaded and immature' player who was winning major title after major title, is able to look back and realize what he was doing wasn't always the right way. He's got that extra bounce in his step just like when Knighthawk fans watched him play along side Shawn Williams, Curt and Derek Malawsky.

Nike Sneakers For Men Low Cut 2018

That example has been set as Grant has relocated his family to the Denver areaand was in town well before the season started this year so that he could work with the team's strength and conditioning coach in order to be in the best shape he can be.

Grant, who had spent his entire career up to that point in Rochester, a place he was starting to call home, was now in a new city, new conference and had a new motivation to prove he was "still young" and at the top of his game. Well as if by a turn of futurnes, the Mammoth just had one of the best draft classes ever and it has rejuvenated Grant to what many are saying could be his best ever year.

Nike Sneakers For Men Low Cut 2018

Nike Sneakers For Men Low Cut 2018

the past two seasons and Grant was still recovering from a near career ending injury that saw a virus attack his surgically repaired knee. Styres wanted to build a young team and he felt his team needed a change and that became available when Matt Vinc, who was drafted by the Mammoth in the Orlando Titans dispersal draft, told them he wouldn't be able to report due to work.

Nike Sneakers For Men Low Cut 2018

In his first threee games of the 2012 season, John Grant Jr, bolted out of the gate recording 30 points and becoming only the fifth player in NLL history to join the 1000pts club. "I don't think I'm playing that great, but it helps when you have guys putting up hat tricks everygame." Makes sense. You could put a one armed bandit out there and he could probably put up decent numbers playing with the likes of Gavin Prout, Sean Pollock, Jamie Lincoln, Jordan McBride and Adam Jones.

Well he's playing 'Daddy' in a dual role these days. For Gabby, his young daughter and a group of young wolves hungry to feed on the NLL. For those that know Grant, know that he would much rather be one of the young wolves than the one responsible for showing them the ropes but so far, its come naturally to him like a no look backhand pass from the top of the powerplay to Adam Jones on the crease.

Jake Elliott,voice of the WLA and wester scout of the Minnesota Swarm helped break down Monday's WLA draft and talked about the impact Mark Matthews could/would have for the Langley Thunder if he decided to play out west this summer.

Chris Levis, is off to his best start as a goalie in the NLL and he along with grant are in awe at some of the things the young wolfpack memebers of the Mammoth are doing.

Nike Sneakers For Men Low Cut 2018

Nike Sneakers For Men Low Cut 2018

The latter three have been a huge inspirtation to Grant who has taken on the nickname "Daddy" and he's OK with it. But with that father figure role, he realizes that he has to change some of his actions that he was known for. As a young player entering the league, Grant was thrown right into the fire and immediately jumped into the lifestyle of a Nike Sneaker Posters

Nike Sneakers For Men Low Cut 2018

But it's not all fun and games, well adult games that is. When asked what's Nike Pink Shoes

professional athlete but he was also his worst enemy. "Sometimes I'd let my emotions get the best of me and it would take me right out of the game mentally. I've been talking with (Mammoth Assistant Coach) Ed Comeau and he's really helped me realize that these young guys are looking up to me and I have to set a great example."

Nike Sneakers For Men Low Cut 2018

something outside of lacrosse that he hasn't yet accomplished but looks forward to, the answer came out quick and heartfelt. "I want to be a great father!"

´╗┐bar Podcast with Colorado Mammoth f

Nike Sneakers For Men Low Cut 2018

Nike Sneakers For Men Low Cut 2018

Rhys Duch, Mr Clutch as some enjoy calling him, joined us off the top to talk about the Stealth's first win, what wasn't working right and what Chris Hallmean's to the team.

Nike Sneakers For Men Low Cut 2018

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