Nike Shoes For Women 2018 High Cut

Nike Shoes For Women 2018 High Cut

Not on Tuesday. Fans jeered and booed during matches between Korean and Chinese teams and later between Chinese and Indonesian teams. At one point during the Korea China game, the referee warned both teams they could be disqualified, but they shamelessly went right Nike Shoes Grey And Green

back to a public display of wilful incompetence.

Nike Shoes For Women 2018 High Cut

Nike Shoes For Women 2018 High Cut

Generally, the players will still give it their best game, so television highlights don show such displays as we saw on Tuesday, but the effect is the same.

Nike Shoes For Women 2018 High Cut

But let not pretend this kind of behaviour is new, or that it doesn take place in other forms. It happens, for example, during a championship tournament in a team sport, when the team that has its playoff berth wrapped up benches its best players in the last game of a round robin and fields its B team instead, even when the outcome of the match matters to its opponent. Fans don get their money worth by seeing the best players in the world. And the knockout portion may be skewed by the better team decision to coast. (This can also happen at the end of regular season play in leagues.)

The teams were taking part in a round robin to determine positions for the knockout phase. Tanking matches allowed them to play lesser opponents in the next phase. (Simple changes, like making the tournament a full knockout, or ranking best against the worst in the knockout phase, would address the problem.)

Anyone who has watched a badminton match, even Nike Shoes For Women 2018 High Cut while channel surfing, has seen lightning quick athletes smash and defend the shuttlecock at speeds of more than 250 km/h.

´╗┐Badminton not only sport with 'racket'

For many athletes at the Olympics who do not have a chance to win, the event is indeed about the pledge. But for the top seeded athletes, it about the podium. It for their country prestige and the money, either from Nike Shoes Just Do It Strap

The real sin Nike Shoes Black White And Red

Nike Shoes For Women 2018 High Cut

Nike Shoes For Women 2018 High Cut

And what of soccer players, who, when approaching the net in the penalty area, focus more on diving than on scoring? Is that in the spirit of the athletes Olympic oath, which vows they will compete the true spirit of sportsmanship, for the glory of sport and the honour of our teams Sounds great, but not so much when your sporting federation is paying for medals. Oh yes, many do, including Canada, which pays its athletes $20,000 for a gold, $15,000 for a silver and $10,000 for a bronze.

Nike Shoes For Women 2018 High Cut

During the Olympics, athletes talk about fair play and competition. For some it true. It unthinkable that someone like Canadian Olympic cyclist and speed skating hero Clara Hughes would engage in such chicanery. It not in her DNA. But, as QMI Agency reported, even the Swedes, who are good competitors, are reported to have tanked a hockey game against Slovakia during the Turin Olympics according to star player Peter Forsberg to avoid playing Canada or Russia in the quarter finals.

Nike Shoes For Women 2018 High Cut

A modicum of self respect, or athletic pride, would have had them at least bat the shuttlecock around a bit before each point, then perhaps slice it wide. What spectators instead saw was a comically bad performance in which world class players repeatedly tapped the shuttlecock into the net, or, when they were really energetic, hit it long.

Sports federations and spectators have accepted less than the best many times, in many ways. On Tuesday, it was the in your face aspect of it that got the badminton players in hot water.

Nike Shoes For Women 2018 High Cut

of the eight badminton players who were disqualified from the Olympics for throwing matches wasn that they tanked their games; it was that they were so bloody awful at doing it.

Nike Shoes For Women 2018 High Cut

their federations or endorsements. Sportsmanship if necessary, but not necessarily sportsmanship.

Nike Shoes For Women 2018 High Cut

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