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Dronk: So my buddy already went down there, but he did not return. Eventually the water came back and the voices stopped.

Dronk: PROBLEM IS, when the water is drained, something seems to 'awake'. .

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Dronk: The rotworm driven tunnels have to be reworked by dwarven miners before we can use them safely. They seem a bit erratic to the untrained eye but the worms are trained to dig towards the richest deposits of ore. .

Nike Shoes Black And White

Bring 200 nuggets of coal to Dronk. The day after there is enough coal the entrance will be revealed and you can enter the realm of the Deeplings and access the steamship. This steamship is different than that found inside of Kazordooon, it can bring you to Thais, Kazordoon (the tradisional steamship) or Robson's Isle.

Nike Shoes Black And White

Dronk: See the pumps there? And the pool of water over there?

´╗┐Awash World Change

Dronk: Good, because that is part of the problem. AND THE PROBLEM IS, while these pumps are able to drain the water out of the pond over there, they only work for a limited time. .

my buddy Groam to be ok.

Nike Shoes Black And White

Apparently the remains of a Nike White Sneakers

Guide X: The water in the mine tunnels under Kazordoon is drained and enough deeplings have been killed today to ensure it remains that way.otherwise, they will say this, and if at server save not enough deeplings have been killed, the mines will become flooded (inaccessible) again.

Nike Shoes Black And White

'something' down there. It makes the water rise. ah I don't know. I just want Nike Sneakers For Girls 2018

Dronk: I don't understand the technomancers magic completely, but using coal on one of the three pumps down here will drain the water in the pool at the end of the tunnel. .

A new steamship travels between Kazordoon and Thais, but the path is flooded at Sunken Mines, near Kazordoon. Special pumps have been brought in to drain the water, but they need coal to operate.

Dronk: Hey stop looking like that, I know it's true, I don't make this up. I HEARD THEM. Alright, I heard them.

Dronk: Somehow the water of the pool will return after some time, I don't know why. Maybe it has to do with Nike Shoes Yoshi

Dronk: They run on coal you see, COAL. And that's the one thing I just don't have down here right now. .

Nike Shoes Black And White

Dronk: Still, even with that pool drained, I still need to find Groam and I surely won't leave without him.

Nike Shoes Black And White

Every day that the dungeon is open a certain number of Deepling Scouts must be killed, otherwise they will flood the whole dungeon again so you need to drain all the water anew if you want to gain access to the hunting ground and the steamship link.

Dronk: Well, they are clearly. hey, wait stop looking like that. They are there, they are talking to me. Surely you must hear them, too. clearly now. just now. or not?!

You can ask any Nike Shoes Black And White Guide NPCs about "Awash"' and he/she will say:and enough deepling scouts have been killed in the mine today;

sunken dynasty of unknown age is covered under the water and can be accessed when there is enough coal to drain the area.

Dronk: PROBLEM IS, when I turned around to ask Groam about it, he just said something about an entrance and then he disappeared. .

Guide X: The water in the mine tunnels under Kazordoon is drained, but deeplings are trying to flood the mines again. .

Dronk: Well, Groam is a friend. Groam and I already had that pestering pool all drained, but that didn't last long. SUDDENLY, we heard voices from down there, VOICES my friend. .

Dronk: Yeah I know that I could mine some more or just loot some creature's corpse but I can't leave just yet. .

Dronk: Ah right, and you can help me out here if you want. PROBLEM IS, you probably don't even know what you are doing here. .

Note: After using 91 nuggets of coal on two pumps (182 in total), they will start working by themself, which means the mines will be opened at the next server save.

Dronk: We didn't know what to do, so we started searching the mud. AND THEN, I had that sudden urge to just leave that place. .

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