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Don Seten was charged with 32 counts of having child porn in June 2005. But they were dismissed and in February he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of misusing his computer.

´╗┐Background Check Wasn't Enough When Hiring Seten

Monday members of the hiring committee learned the details of Seten's case when they did an internet search. Because the Enterprise Development Corporation is funded entirely Nike Shoes For Boys And Girls by the Communities in Lyon County, members were afraid his hire would affect profits.

on a criminal background check, which offered Seten a chance to move on. One Minnesota corporation was willing to help him do that, Nike Sneaker With Strap

Nike Shoes For Boys And Girls

Nike Shoes For Boys And Girls

"Do you wish he would have told you about these charges that were dropped?" Boedigheimer says it would have helped with the hiring process early on.

"We wanted a person that was good with people and had a marketing background, knew how to work with governmental entities, and not for profit and the private business sector and he looked great."

Nike Shoes For Boys And Girls

Nike Shoes For Boys And Girls

Nike Shoes For Boys And Girls

The company did Nike Sneakers On Feet

Last week the Lyon County Enterprise Development Corporation in Minnesota hired Don Seten. Monday morning, the job offer was withdrawn.

Nike Shoes For Boys And Girls

Seten says he did tell one committee member about the misdemeanor conviction. In order to get that conviction removed from his record, Seten will have to go back to court next year when he finishes counseling and probation.

Marshall City councilman Michael Boedigheimer was on the hiring committee. He says Seten's background check came back clear and the committee spoke with all four of his references and a source outside of that list. Boedigheimer says they all had good things to say about Seten.

But it took a citizen in the community to alert the hiring committee of his past, a past that made them think twice.

a background check, talked with references, and did a personal interview. A Minnesota corporation took the all necessary steps to learn more about former Sioux Falls City Planner Don Seten before hiring him to be its economic development coordinator.

Boedigheimer says, "He said the prior mayor, he had an excellent working relationship with but he was not able to establish that type of relationship with the new mayor."

Nike Shoes For Boys And Girls

Nike Shoes For Boys And Girls

The committee now says Seten misrepresented why he left his job in Sioux Falls.

Nike Shoes For Boys And Girls

The original child porn charges will not show up Nike Shoes For Girls Black

but says it wasn't aware of his past.

Nike Shoes For Boys And Girls

Nike Shoes For Boys And Girls

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