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Morgan also told the court, it appears Dale's neck was cut with some cutting device.

Moreover, Morgan told the court that in April of 2007, there was a mental health evaluation done on Craig Baldwin. The results of that showed Craig was able to perform and was competent.

Judge Early added if the murder case went to a jury trial and Craig was convicted of murder, he would have given Craig life in prison without a chance for parole.

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It appears that Craig was a big drinker and he was living with his mother, who was taking care of him.

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"He was the suspect from the very beginning," says Morgan. "There was an inconsistency in what he said she was doing and what she said she was going to be doing."

In court, Morgan said it appeared the murder must have taken place Nike Shoes For Sale

More evidence came out in the courtroom on Wednesday. Morgan says there was a possible cover up by Craig to hide the murder. He apparently cleaned up the house after the murder on the 16th of June, 2006.

in Dale's bedroom. She says there was a pool of blood in the bedroom.

Craig Baldwin, the man accused of killing his 83 year old mother Dale Baldwin, pled guilty to manslaughter in court on Wednesday. Baldwin received a sentence of 30 years in the plea agreement.

Judge Jack Early offered some Nike Boys Shoes stern words for Craig before he accepted the plea deal. He said, "If your family had not agreed to this (the plea deal), I would not accept it."

´╗┐Baldwin pleads guilty to mother's murder

Also, Morgan says there was money missing from Dale's account, around $20,000 total.

Her entire body was badly decomposed outside of her home two years ago, except for her feet.

So hard, Baldwin wasn't sure if he wanted to accept the plea agreement that he signed, in which he would plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter and get a sentence in prison for 30 years.

Also, Morgan said there did not appear to be a robbery in the house, because the entire house was in tact, except for Dale's bedroom.

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things went very well for him," says I. S. Leevy Johnson, Baldwin's attorney. "There was overwhelming evidence as to his guilt."

"I don't ever see him getting out of jail," says Morgan. "Justice has been served, isn't that what we're Nike Sneaker Shoes

Judge Early asked, "Mr. Baldwin, I guess it's time as the old saying goes, fish or cut bait. I need to know what your decision is."Baldwin told the judge, "I've decided to plead guilty."

A decision, after debating if he wanted to go to a jury trial, that Dale's daughter is happy about.

"I want it to be over and for my mother to be at peace and you know, he's guilty," says Delia Salder, Dale's daughter.

"I think Nike 2017 Shoes Offering

looking for? For everyone? And, that's what I think was served today."

Evidence, like a bat solicitor, Barbara Morgan says Baldwin bought before Dale died. It had her blood on it and was in Craig's car in Lexington, Kentucky, where his daughter's wedding was. That wedding was a day after Dale's body was found outside of her home.

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Morgan added there was a note found in the house, in which Baldwin told his mother he was sorry for arguing with her.

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Twenty minutes later, after meeting with his lawyers, daughter and ex wife, Baldwin limped back into the courtroom with a decision.

Baldwin said, "I'll be dead anyways."Judge Jack Early responded, "I'm sorry?"Baldwin replied, "I'll be dead, anyway."

Baldwin then said, "30 years in jail, especially when your 60 years old."Judge Early then retorted, "That's what you have to put in the hopper, as I call it."

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The murder happened on York Street, just a few blocks from the Aiken County Courthouse, where Craig learned his fate Wednesday in front of the Judge.

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Judge Early said, "Do you need a few minutes to spend with your lawyers?"Baldwin replied, "Just a couple."

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