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Colton Harris Moore is already serving a seven year prison term after pleading guilty to state and federal crimes, but Skagit County Prosecutor Rich Weyrich filed theft and burglary charges this month against the 21 year old, accusing him of stealing an Anacortes couple's plane in 2010 and flying it to the airport on Orcas Island, 10 miles away.

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Harris Moore had been a headache for local law enforcement in Western Washington since boyhood, and by his late teens had taken to joyriding in airplanes as a self taught pilot. He earned his moniker Nike Shoes Pictures 2017

'Barefoot Bandit' served new charges in alleged plane theft

Harris Moore's attorney, John Henry Browne, did not learn of the new charges until Wednesday, when Harris Moore called the Shoes Nike Online Shop office to say he'd been served with an arrest warrant from Skagit County.

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Shoes Nike Online Shop

"All the other prosecutors tried to get Weyrich to come along with the plea deal," Browne said. "They all thought the sentence was fine, but I guess it's not OK with Mr. Weyrich. I thought Colton Harris Moore was supposed to be the juvenile here."

SEATTLE (AP) The "Barefoot Bandit," who led police on a two year, cross country crime spree in stolen boats, cars and planes, is facing new charges in Nike Shoes Online For Ladies

County victims out of receiving restitution from any movie made about Harris Moore. Weyrich said Wednesday he did not know whether that was true.

"The crime was committed in Skagit County," Weyrich said Wednesday.

Browne said that by declining to participate in the state plea deal, Weyrich had cut the Skagit Boys Nike Sneakers

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Shoes Nike Online Shop

Weyrich declined to join other Washington prosecutors in the plea deal filed in Island County Superior Court to resolve state charges against Harris Moore.

Washington state.

In 2010, he hopscotched across Oregon, Idaho, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa and Illinois in stolen cars. He stole a plane in Indiana, crash landed off an island in the Bahamas, and was arrested when police shot out the engine of a boat he took.

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Shoes Nike Online Shop

Shoes Nike Online Shop

Shoes Nike Online Shop

The Anacortes couple whose plane was stolen, Jeff and Linda Hendricks, did not immediately return a call seeking comment Wednesday. The plane sustained little damage.

He sold the rights to his story to 20th Century Fox, with the proceeds going to repay the nearly $1.4 million he owes his victims.

by committing some of his crimes without shoes.

The Skagit County prosecutor previously charged Harris Moore, but dropped the accusations in 2011 to clear the way for the Island County plea deal. The charges were refiled on Feb. 8, and Harris Moore will be transported from the Stafford Creek Corrections Center in Aberdeen to Skagit County to face them. The charges carry a maximum of 10 years in prison. If he is convicted, some of the sentence could run at the same time as the one he's already serving.

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