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62 year old Greg Hays never expected to be diagnosed with Hepatitis C. But just three years ago, a routine blood test for diabetes revealed he would battle the liver destroying virus.

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Last year, Hays symptoms became so serious his doctor prescribed a cocktail of pills to fight the Nike Sneakers Maroon

One of the groups at highest risk for Hep C is Hays group: Baby Boomers. Nike Sneakers 5.0

Nike Shoes Gold Color

Nike Shoes Gold Color

Nike Shoes Gold Color

"I optimistic Nike Shoes Gold Color we are going to cure this thing," Hays said.

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´╗┐Baby Boomers Urged To Get Hep C Screening

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"Hep C is unique in that it is the only chronic disease that we could cure. No other chronic virus illness can be cured," Elgouhari said.

"It presented some challenges, nothing that can be overcome though. I finished the treatment in September. My blood work is coming out great," Hays said.

Nike Shoes Gold Color

Nike Shoes Gold Color

"The only way we can know is with a simple blood test. So, 50 percent of people with Hepatitis C don even know it," Dr. Hesham Elgouhari said.

risk and should get tested because unfortunately they don know how they are contracting it.

Hays case is not unusual, which is exactly why doctors at Avera say you should come in and get tested.

According to Elgouhari everyone in that group is at Nike Shoes For Mens 2017

SIOUX FALLS, SD If you were born between 1946 and 1964, we have a health alert for you: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is now recommending that anyone who is considered a "Baby Boomer" be screened for Hepatitis C.

That because research has shown that the generation has a higher risk of developing Hepatitis C during their lifetime.

Nike Shoes Gold Color

Nike Shoes Gold Color

"It a scary disease. They did a biopsy. My liver damage was stage four, which is considered very serious, end stage they call that actually. But still through all of that I had no symptoms," Hays said.

While Hepatitis C affects everyone differently, catching it early can make all the difference because it different from its "sister diseases."

Despite the ups and downs of treatment, Hays is keeping a positive attitude.


Nike Shoes Gold Color

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