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Though the testing is done by the Ministry of Health laboratory, the health unit is responsible for the collection and analysis of the samples. The testing process takes about two days, and two unsatisfactory samples must be detected in order for a beach to be deemed unsafe. The health unit does not close a beach on one set of test results, Gemmill said, because it wouldn't make sense too much can change over the two day testing process.

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"I encourage people to be active and to swim our goal here is to be vigilant about the monitering so we can assure people that when there's a problem, we'll detect it and close Sneaker Nike 2017

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"The work that we've done on the system, Nike Shoes Latest Model

Blame it on the ducks.

Flush out due to water flow can cause indicator bacteria levels to fall to a normal level. Sometimes unsatisfactory levels are found one day that are not there the next, Gemmill said.

So far this year, any levels that have been over the provincial standard haven't been sky high. With the standard at 100 organisms per 100 mL of water, sewage problems would result in readings in the thousands, Gemmill said. The readings from the local beaches have been in the low hundreds.

When the hot summer sun beats down in mid July, most people head to the waterfront to beat the heat. But what many Kingstonians are discovering upon arriving at local beaches is a large 'no swimming' sign.

The cleanup of this kind of contamination is limited to those who own the beaches, and those who do the contaminating.

Public Health moniters Kingston's beaches using provincial standards for indicator bacteria. The testing is done less frequently in those beaches that are not widely used, and in those with "good history," said Gemmill. In other words, the beaches people go to, and ones that have shown poor levels in the past are tested more regularly to ensure swimmer safety.

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´╗┐Bacteria causing beach closure

even though we've had some large rainfalls, by passes that we've had have been relatively insignificant," said Keech.

And there is not a lot that can be done about it.

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"The system that we have in place is in place across Ontario, in various local public health agencies, and across Canada, and the goal here is to reduce the risk to the lowest possible level," Gemmell said.

But Gemmill said there is no reason to believe that the E. Coli levels are due to a sewage malfunction.

"So, as an example, if there were a break in the sewer line, then we would suggest to the city that they should correct that, and the beach would remain Nike Sneaker Red

Many of the beaches in Kingston, Gemmell noted, are in bays, which means there isn't as much water circulation.

Jim Keech, president of Utilities Kingston, which maintains the city's sewage system, said he too believes the levels have nothing to do with sewage.

closed until the problem had been corrected and the tests were back to normal," Gemmill said.

"We sample on a regular basis. If we get two sets of samples that are unsatisfactory using a provincial standard, then that means that there seems to be a consistent problem with the beach," said Gemmill. These problems are bacteria that can cause infections to the eyes, ears and skin (such as pink eye), and, if swallowed, can result in gastrointestianl infection, Gemmill said.

Gemmill said the levels could be a result of a variety of scenarios: Rainfall, rainwater from the streets can carry bacteria from dog and other animal droppings, someone could empty the waste tank in their boat, or there could be sewage leaks cased by sewage backup or broken lines.

"So it may be the waterfowl that are causing the problem."

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Gemmill said the best way for Kingstonians to ensure they are swimming in safe water is to check for posted signs, and to check the on line postings often.

At press time, Rotary Park, Lake Onatrio Park and Crerar Park have been posted as unsafe swimming locations due to above standard levels of E Coli, a bacteria found in the bowels of humans and other species.

"Since it's waterfowl, and it's hard to control, it's a question of the fact these animals are living there, they may be contaminating the water," he said, "And we're Nike Sneaker Black going to continue to test them to ascertain whether or not that is going away or it's a continuous problem."

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"We think that somewhere like Rotary Park it may be because it's in a bay you don't get as much circulation of water, it's not being flushed out as much by the continuous flow of water, and there are ducks there," Gemmill said.

Higher than normal levels of indicator bacteria have resulted in the closure of some of Kingston most loved beaches.

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the beach."

"Once we've closed a beach, we will sample more frequently until we are satisfied that whatever problem may have been causing the high indicator bacteria levels has resolved," he said.

"It doesn't indicate that there is disease there, it indicates that there may be contamination there," said Dr. Ian Gemmill of the Kingston Frontenac Lennox and Addington Public Health Unit.

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