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AUGUSTA, Ga. It's another one of those unbreakable pairs like peanut butter and jelly or cookies and milk. This time, it's helium and balloons, but this pair is starting to get expensive.

Nike Men Shoes 2017

Nike Men Shoes 2017

Nike Men Shoes 2017

Nike Men Shoes 2017

Nike Men Shoes 2017

worker's farewell party. She says when it comes to balloons, you can never buy just one.

Helium is usually generated as a byproduct of natural gas mining, but the recession has slowed production and plants often close down for the summer, creating the shortage.

Nike Men Shoes 2017

Ann Penson is buying balloons for a co Nike Shoes Sneakers Men 2018

That's more than a 25 percent increase in price and that can make a big difference when you get to the counter.

"A lot of people have complained. Are you kidding? Why have they gone up so much? So they don't like the fact that we've raised the prices," said Party N Dollar owner Susie Stephan.

Stephan says most people don't realize why prices have spiked.

So Stephan has been creating balloon decorations that Nike Shoes Casual Black

´╗┐Balloons breaking the bank

so most people who want balloons love them because they float," she said.

don't require helium. They're air filled centerpieces, but many people say they're just not the same.

Nike Men Shoes 2017

Nike Men Shoes 2017

Nike Men Shoes 2017

"We have had four helium increases in a year, on top of the fact that they've cut our supplies. We actually went from our special on the dozens is $8.99. We've had to go to $11.99, but our cost has doubled," Stephan said.

It's what makes them float and what makes your voice Nike Men Shoes 2017 sound like "Alvin and the Chipmunks," but it's also what's driving up the prices of balloons helium.

"The customers were coming in and saying we were the only store in town that had helium," Stephan said.

At one point this summer, the shortage nearly made the decision for them.

"Generally, when you talk about balloons, everybody assumes they're going to be floating, Nike Sneakers White Black

"I would think a customer coming in to buy balloons would want to buy more than one balloon, and if they're more, it could discourage them from buying eight to 10 balloons," Penson said.

So customers have to make a decision expensive helium or no helium at all.

Nike Men Shoes 2017

Nike Men Shoes 2017

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