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"The concern is we could end up with another Queens Hills development. We want people to move in with the infrastructure in place. We don't want a development that will stall halfway through because of different pressures."

"Queens Hills was promised a lot but they got very little," said one woman.

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Gwyn Jones, Norwich City Council's city growth and development manager, told the meeting at Bowthorpe Church Centre that, having taken the advice of consultants, the council had decided to press ahead with the first phase of development of some 150 homes.

Andrew Wiltshire, Conservative city councillor for Bowthorpe, who chaired the meeting, said afterwards: "This development can be very positive for the area.

Nike Sneakers Shoes For Girls

Nike Sneakers Shoes For Girls

About 1,200 homes are earmarked for Three Score under the scheme, and local people were given an update on progress Nike Shoes Black And White Dots

After the proposals were put to members, the next step would be for the council to select a development partner, which would not happen before next April.

The homes would be designed to a good standard and would incorporate high environmental standards, she added.

Nike Sneakers Shoes For Girls

But Ms Jones said: "One of the suggestions is we would look at putting the infrastructure for the whole development Nike Sneakers Shoes For Girls in at the start. It also means any subsequent developer coming along is going to find everything already in."

'Avoid another Queens Hills at Three Score'

People attending last night's meeting asked for assurances that the new development would have proper facilities, Nike Shoes Blue And Black

Nike Sneakers Shoes For Girls

Nike Sneakers Shoes For Girls

Nike Sneakers Shoes For Girls

Park skate park.

including a school, a community centre and doctor's surgery.

Nike Sneakers Shoes For Girls

A revised planning application would also need to be submitted. The proposals have already gone before the council but the lack of a Section 106 agreement, in which developers agree to provide certain community facilities, mean permission has still not been granted.

at the first meeting of Bowthorpe Forum, an amalgamation of community groups in the area.

The council has been awarded 2.5m to kick start development at Three Score as part of an 8m deal with the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) that also funded the renovation of the city's war memorial and the Eaton Nike Men Sneakers 2017

Nike Sneakers Shoes For Girls

Nike Sneakers Shoes For Girls

"This will be an exemplar phase to show how we can kick start things in the current state of the market when the private sector might not be interested in developing, and showing how we can do the whole site really well," she said.

"The key things are to make sure real investment is there for the community, not just roads feeding the new development. Schools must get what they need, and so must a community centre, if it is viable, and the health centre.

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