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someone else has that same question, said Hume. hopefully, we can answer these. They can be questions that you might not want to ask a teacher or come home and ask your parent. said the questions can be sent to the magazine anonymously, and will be answered by people within the community, such as Kingston City Police and the KFL Public Health Unit. have people willing, able and excited to contribute on a regular basis and to keep the conversation going, said Hume.

backpack, which will be published six times a year, will contain a wealth of information for families, including photo essays, regular columns, recipes from local restaurants, education profiles, entertainment features and biographies of budding young artists. It will also feature a Your Neighbour section, which will profile local families.

are lots of people out there who want to help, and are ready to answer our questions, said Hume. are strengths in numbers and at times, its really takes a community to help raise children, as that saying goes. So the stronger the community, the stronger our children will be. We just need to rely on each other to help us all step forward.

Nike Shoes Kaishi

Nike Shoes Kaishi

is all about history. There are so many great things that started in Kingston, and it feels like the launch of backpack in Kingston is only going to get better. So to be a part of that place in history and in time, and to be a contributor to this, makes me very honoured. I realize how much more it going to be able to bring to the community over time. has two young daughters of her own Nike Shoes Design 2018

Nike Shoes Kaishi

Another regular column in backpack shares the thoughts of Audrey Jones, whose daughter Aly is fighting leukemia.

Nike Shoes Kaishi

Nike Shoes Kaishi

´╗┐backpack magazine well suited for area families

is for the community, said Moyra Hume, Nike Shoes Kaishi backpack editor. doing it for everyone, so it really a group initiative and a wonderful networking tool with the community all the people who work in the community and all the families that are living here. It a great way for everyone to unite by reading it. column 'Dad Den' will feature the opinion of a new father every month.

learned that help is only a phone call away, or a page away, said Hume. is around the corner. There are times, especially in today day and age, when I felt all alone, when I felt I was facing each day alone. But today, we want to be able to face it together, and have everyone as the same family, a backpack family. said if anyone is having a rough day, she hopes they will think of turning to backpack as a resource.

Emma and 12 year old Megan and she has already taken away several important parenting lessons since beginning her publishing adventure.

thought it was a wonderful opportunity, said Hume. might be able to connect people in the community who have their similar life experiences that they dealing with. said the magazine, which has counterparts in Brockville, Quinte and Cornwall, will be unique because of its community focus. six degrees of separation really hits home here. When you reading a local magazine and flipping through the pages and seeing so many articles about common day problems or situations that you have, and you seeing the names of people in the community and photos of the places that you hang out every day, its going to give a real sense of ownership to everyone. Everyone will feel like it their magazine. We are today parents, today society here in Kingston. So we want to offer something that our own. a bachelor of arts from Queen University and a diploma in photojournalism from Loyalist College, Hume can wait to introduce backpack to Kingston and its surrounding communities.

Nike Shoes Kaishi

Nike Shoes Kaishi

you have questions, Nike Sneaker Collection

a column brought to you from a man perspective, explained Hume. dad perspective in today society raising kids and dealing with all the trials and tribulations that come with that. question and answer section aims to make the magazine interactive for its young readers

A new Kingston area magazine dedicated to family life is set to launch this fall with hopes to educate, engage and inform its readers.

Nike Shoes Kaishi

Nike Shoes Kaishi

Nike Shoes Kaishi

excited because it feels like it a moment in history, said Hume. Nike Sneakers 2017 For Women

Nike Shoes Kaishi

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