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Afterwards, the book was taken up by publishers, and he followed it with The Disciple, in 2010, Deity, 2012 and The Unquiet Grave this year. His latest book working title The Killing Moon is well under way and set for publication next year.

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major transport hub for Derby, the railway station features regularly in the series. In The Reaper, Brook watches CCTV footage of passengers arriving in his bid to find a serial killer.

With four books under his belt, DI Brook is becoming a well known literary figure.

´╗┐Author Steve Dunne's crime novels put Derby on the map

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First up is the weir across the River Derwent in Derby's River Gardens. This features in the third book, Deity, and is where a body is found following a search for four missing college students.

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It is The Unquiet Grave which uses the Whitaker Road site, and also nearby St Chad's Road, and is the scene of a particularly horrific murder and tramp is charged with the crime but that decision needs a rethink when a year later another boy disappears.

Zena Hawley went on a tour of some of the locations with him.

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The derelict Remac Bar, in Charnwood Street, rechristened The Cream, makes its first appearance in the upcoming novel and is the scene of an attack on two police officers.

The area around the Hallmark Hotel, Derby railway station and Station Approach are also obvious venues in the book, according to Mr Dunne.

The city's historic Railway Terrace also features in The Disciple, when Brook uncovers evidence that an apartment in a block of flats, near to the railway bridge spanning the area near the Alexandra Hotel, is Nike Shoes Eminem

"Those people who read the books and don't live in Derby are able to read about genuine locations and places which are real to me and through my writing should become real to them as well," he said.

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He said: "When I start writing I don't always know where I am going with the plot.

Mr Dunne, who originates from London, just like DI Brook, began his writing career in earnest in 2007 when he self published the first of his books, The Reaper.

Mr Dunne has gone beyond the city boundary on occasions in his book and indeed DI Brook now lives some miles away in a cottage in Hartington.

"In The Disciple, Brook has become a suspect in the murder of a Brighton man close to his daughter. Two detectives arrive from the south coast to question Brook and staying at the hotel, they make it their unofficial headquarters. Several scenes were located here as Brook gradually gains their trust and they join forces to try to catch the killer."

"I have a vague outline and need a moral coat hanger to put it on but after that it seems to write itself.

The police headquarters at St Mary's Wharf, Chester Green, also feature regularly in Nike Shoes No Laces the books but Mr Dunne confesses he has never been inside for good or bad reasons and Nike Shoes Lunarlon Price

For Mr Dunne, it seemed natural to set the books in a place he knows well and also to help put Derby on the map. He has made few attempts to hide the locations, preferring people to know exactly where he is talking about.

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Mr Dunne said: "Partially weighed down, the body gasses have bloated the corpse until rises to the surface and DI Brook must begin the grisly process of recovering and identifying the body.

owned by a dead serial killer, who followed Brook from his posting in London to Derby.

He said: "It's always best in books not to get too bogged down in detail because it can soon trip you up if other people know locations, practices and minute detail better than you. For that reason, although I have done research, I keep details of dead bodies and post mortems to an acceptable level."

"I don't drive around for hours looking for locations. Many are well known to me already and others I have mentally stored up for future use."

WITH the River Gardens as the setting for a gruesome discovery and serial killer based in a block of flats near the railway station, it is a good job Steve Dunne's vision of Derby is fiction not fact.

As each new book comes out, Mr Dunne has found that more people also buy his previous books to catch up on the ongoing story.

He said: "Being a Nike Shoes 2017 Price

Mr Dunne said: "It's become increasingly noticeable that every time I mention a derelict building in my books the same also happened to a house in Whitaker Road it has been refurbished and reopened as soon as I finish writing about them."

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"It seems very likely that a passer by would soon spot a body in or around the weir and so it made great sense to use the location."

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has based his descriptions on knowledge and other stations.

Mr Dunne confesses he used Lara Croft Way in Deity, because it was named after one of Derby's most famous creations, "to flag up the thriving creativity of the city". In Deity, Brook makes his way to a squat in Leopold Street posing as a tramp to unearth clues to a killer who is targeting the homeless.

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