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W16 3 St.

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Records can be deceiving, especially in Junior A lacrosse. The OLA Jr A league often sees teams losing games or winning them by less than expected early in the season, while many of their best players are away at school. But as the season goes on, the cream tends to rise to the top. It can be a harsh reality check for a team that comes roaring out of the starting blocks but can't maintain its momentum. This year's poster child for the late season fade is the Barrie Lakeshores, who rumbled early but have faltered of late. One barometer of the gap between them and the five teams ahead of them in the standings is goals for and against. Each of those five teams has scored at least 28 more goals than it has allowed, up to a high of +85 for the Six Nations Arrows. The Lakeshores are Nike Shoes Couple

´╗┐Barries Lakeshores slide

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This week: vs Brampton, vs Burlington

2 (2) Whitby Warriors 12 5

still a game above .500 through Tuesday and sitting in a playoff position, but they've given up one more goal than they've scored. Barrie is improving, but those numbers show they still have a ways to go before they're really hangin' with the big boys.

1 (1) Six Nations Arrows 13 3

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3 (5) Burlington Chiefs 12 3 1

7 (7) Barrie Lakeshores 9 8

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Running into a huge roadbump of reality lately shouldn't tarnish the turnaround the Lakeshores have had this season. Barrie was 3 17 in 2012 and hasn't made the playoffs for three years. A chance at a winning record with just three games to play is nothing to sneeze at.

Dhane Smith for the league scoring title.

Last week: L15 7 Six Nations, L13 Boys Nike Shoes 8 Burlington

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Last week: W11 6 St. They have an offence that can strike quickly and a defence that has allowed fewer goals than anyone except Whitby and Six Nations. Benn provides some nice balance so teams can't just load up on Rob Hellyer and hope to shut the Northmen down. It's not likely that it'll come to that, but the fact that it could underlines Brampton's inconsistency and doesn't bode well for their chances once the post season does roll around.

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The Arrows just keep winning in impressive fashion. Johnny Powless is 11 points shy of the career high 102 he scored in 2011 and he's got four games left to play. Powless should shatter that mark pretty handily and he's pushing Nike Tennis Shoes Black And Gold

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