Nike Sneakers Old School

Nike Sneakers Old School

Nike Sneakers Old School

as easy as uploading a few files. Traub book has already received reviews worldwide after

That exactly what Traub did Nike Sneakers Online Shopping

Nike Sneakers Old School

Nike Sneakers Old School

"If they aren able to break into the publishing world, if they can get their books online and spread the word about them, sometimes that can even lead to a major publisher picking them up," Stephenson said.

Nike Sneakers Old School

"I don think in our lifetime we see the death of the print book," Stephenson said.

´╗┐Author Publishing His Own Success

Nike Sneakers Old School

Traub says self publishing has been a success for him.

with To Rise. He Nike Sneakers Old School wrote it, designed a cover, and then uploaded it to Amazon in January. Since then, he sold six thousand copies, netted $30,000 and wrote his family out of debt.

Nike Sneakers Old School

SIOUX FALLS, SD Publishing a book can be Nike Shoes White High Tops

Nike Sneakers Old School

Nike Sneakers Old School

Nike Sneakers Old School

There has never been a hard copy of to Rise printed and the book is only available on Amazon. Traub receives 65 percent of the sales.

"It a lot easier than you can ever imagine to get your book out nowadays. There are no fences you have to jump over. It literally just uploading some files," Traub said.

But Stephenson Nike Shoes Orange And White

"You have to shut down the inner critic and even some of the outside critics and say I going to do this and I just going to put it up," Traub said.

Heather Stephenson with Siouxland Libraries says e book popularity has exploded in the last five years. 400 electronic books are checked out from the system every day.

doesn think hard copy books will ever be extinct because many still like the experience of a traditional hard copy book.

"You have to pick yourself. Don wait for a publisher to come by and say you good enough, you smart enough, you have enough experience and you from the right city or state. Pick yourself," Traub said.

Nike Sneakers Old School

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