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´╗┐Babies Can Comprehend

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their lives."

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The study results appear in the July issue of Developmental Psychology.

Only about 15 percent of the babies spent more time looking at the wrong dog picture or looked equally at both, Flom said.

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In the new study, Flom and his colleagues recruited 128 infants and toddlers, almost all of whom were white. All of the participants had little or no exposure to dogs during their brief lives.

The study didn't examine what the babies actually perceived about the barks and the canine expressions. No one knows if they're aware that a normal looking dog is a better prospect for playtime than one that looks and sounds Nike Sneakers High Tops Black And Gold

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FRIDAY, July 24 (HealthDay News) What's in a bark? A new study suggests that 6 month old babies know the answer.

Still, it's "remarkable" that babies that aren't exposed to dogs can figure out how to link their barks to their faces, Flom said. That Nike Shoes Pink And Blue

The researchers believe that they can glean whether a baby is making a connection between two things by monitoring how long they look at a picture. In this case, 6 month old babies were more likely to look longer at the picture of a canine expression that matched the bark.

"We think babies have a broad based set of abilities and skills when they enter the world," he said. "And those become broadened and honed based on the individual experiences in Nike Shoes For Men Casual Black 2018

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The researchers showed the babies video stills of aggressive and non aggressive dogs, and watched what they did when they heard sounds of barking.

means they can connect audio and visual cues, he said.

While some have interpreted Nike Shoes Images this to mean they can't distinguish the correct picture, Flom said it's actually a sign that "the task is almost too easy for them."

like it wants to take a bite out of the nearest leg.

Older babies at 12, 18 and 24 months were likely to look at the correct dog, but for just a flicker of time, Flom said, and then look around the room or equally between the video stills.

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Researchers found that most infants who were tested could figure out that an aggressive bark goes with an angry looking dog. They also seemed to know that friendly looking pooches voice their feelings in a different way.

Flom spends his time studying how babies perceive emotions, and previously found that they can tell the difference between upbeat and gloomy music.

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