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total disaster, but we will get small potatoes," he said.

need to do the next phase in late 2013, early 2014. It will be the same sort of amount, possibly a bit more. This time it was mainly equipment, but we will need a new cook room at that point."

His warning comes as a hosepipe ban comes into force in many parts of the East of England tomorrow.

Managing director of Bowthorpe based Kettle Foods Dominic Lowe said that there could be a significant shortage of good potatoes one of his core ingredients if the drought continues.

on another shift, the expansion would require more people as there would be more friers to operate.

Nike Shoes Hd Pic

Nike Shoes Hd Pic

´╗┐based Kettle Foods managing director's warning over drought

"As long as we have rain in the growing season. But it is now a game of roulette," he added.

He said that although it will not mean taking Nike Shoes Blue Colour

A planned deal for Kettle Foods to buy Pringles from Proctor and Gamble fell through earlier this year after Kettle Foods' US owner Diamond Foods had to re file its accounts over payments to walnut producers.

Nike Shoes Hd Pic

Nike Shoes Hd Pic

Nike Shoes Hd Pic

Nike Shoes Hd Pic

He said the factory had been running at much higher wastage and they had to work much harder to find the right quality potatoes.

Nike Shoes Hd Pic

Farmers had also been hit by the price of oil which was increasing the costs of driving tractors and fertilisers and pesticides and the cost of sunflower oil had increased 50pc in two years.

He said the recent 10m investment had given the company two years head room to grow.

But the company which buys between 80pc and 90pc of its potatoes in Norfolk has just completed a 10m investment at its Bowthorpe factory and taken on an extra 60 people to staff an extra shift. Mr Lowe has plans for expansion in Europe which could lead to a further 10m investment.

Nike Shoes Hd Pic

He said: "We are strong in Belgium, Holland, Italy and Sweden is coming on. We want to accelerate the rate we move into Europe.

Nike Shoes Hd Pic

"Gardens need to come second to keeping the rural economy going. Farmers and industry need the water," he said. "If there is a drought there will be a significant shortage of good potatoes and that will hurt everybody in the industry. In the long run if there really is no rain, there is a threat. Shipping potatoes in from Herefordshire doesn't make sense."

"What we need is for the farmers to get priority for what water there is," said Mr Lowe. "Clearly that is from my perspective, but that's where the priority should be if it drives industry and it drives jobs.

"I do not think it's a Nike Shoes Khaki

Nike Shoes Hd Pic

He said: "In the long run this is the home of Kettle and where we want to buy our potatoes from."

But he said the risks were the same for many of Kettles' competitors.

"But we have very ambitious growth plans and if we Nike Shoes Hd Pic achieve them we will Nike Shoes Kd 7

Nike Shoes Hd Pic

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