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rang the real estate agent the next day and put our little flat on the market, literally within the first day we said Nike Sneakers Velcro

Nike Shoes Red Deer

With his Living End counterparts scattered across the globe, singer Chris Cheney in Nike Shoes Red Deer Los Angeles and bassist Scott Owen in Byron Bay, Strachan confirmed a new album was on the horizon despite the distance.

Nike Shoes Red Deer

Nike Shoes Red Deer

It was the first time the band had played the QMF in what Strachan said was a of a gig that sparked talks of a new TLE album.

I got together with some of my best mates and we pulled a couple more songs out, it wasn until we started recording and getting into the studio just for fun that we realised how enjoyable it was.

fell in love with Barwon Heads 20 years ago Nike Sneakers For Men 2018

Nike Shoes Red Deer

Nike Shoes Red Deer

can compare the two, there no similarity whatsoever, he said.

Nike Shoes Red Deer

like that it continually open and I want to keep doing it under the banner of the collective, keep plugging away and recording tunes, he said.

song Hometown is basically about everything down here on the Bellarine, and continually being blown away by how it the best place in the world in my humble opinion, he said.

when I first moved to Melbourne, and it felt like every time we drive home from the coast I get all depressed once we hit the West Gate Bridge, he said.

recording industry at the moment has changed so much, there no rules, you could put a song on the internet tomorrow with no record label. moving to Barwon Heads eight years ago, Strachan said a lot of his inspiration for the Nike Sneakers All White

Nike Shoes Red Deer

However despite the drummer musical bio, he said there was no link between the Pants Collective and the legendary punk rock band aside from the obvious.

Three other Barwon Heads residents who live on the same street as Strachan worked on its development, with Viva Partos taking all the photos and Johnny and Georgie McIntosh handling its design as well as Strachan website and Facebook page.

EP came from the region.

Last year the rockstars flew to Strachan hometown on the Bellarine for a headlining slot at the Queenscliff Music Festival.

´╗┐Barwon Heads based Andy Strachan has launched a new side project

basically about cruising around checking the surf and being involved with such a great community. community he mentions takes pride of place in the album, with musical input from local Paul O on guitar.

Nike Shoes Red Deer

this is it loved it, we met a bunch of people and I made more friends down here in that short time than I had in 20 years. gigs have been planned for the Collective, but Strachan said it was something he was definitely keen to get going and had his sights set on the Barwon Club for a potential trial run.

was a very important show in the sense that it really invigorated us because we had a bit of time off when we got offered that gig, he said.

was sounding better than I thought it would, we just had to keep going. drums, strums, writes and sings in the seven track EP, which he stresses is not a sign of the curtain closing on the famed punk rock trio he is best known for, not by a long shot.

of having a traditional band setup I wanted to involve a bunch of people that I really like and enjoy hanging out with to play certain parts.

always a bit of an ordeal for us to play a show with everyone having to fly around, but it was just awesome, we came off stage and we just felt like this is what we were meant to do.

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was the gig that kind of made us start thinking about doing another record, we very much in talks about when, where and how we going to do it, hopefully in the very near future.

At that stage unaware the song would become the debut single on the May released EP, it wasn until recently that Strachan sat down to record it with producer Woody Annison.

I said it a collective and the door always open, everyone got really great musical ideas and I felt that to put it into a formula and have a strict band situation you almost eliminate a lot of that, nine years ago a illiterate Strachan bit the bullet, bought a computer and tried his hand at songwriting, which culminated in a track called Secrets.

Living End is just such a powerful machine, when the three of us are in the room it sounds like the Living End, Chris is such an amazing guitar player and with Scotty on the double bass I couldn emulate that even if I tried, even if I put every ounce of effort into sounding like it, I just couldn fact Strachan said the somewhat lack of direction is what defines the Collective, and that trends was a dangerous game.

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taken us that long to get around to record it, in doing so though we thought we should actually give this a go he said.

a friend of ours one night said you should live where your passion is and drive to work, rather than living where you work and driving to your passion.

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