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And in spite of what the doctors said so many years ago, Amanda did learn.

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Nike Shoes Black Colour

will don caps and gowns, walk across a stage, and graduate from high school.

While most parents greet the first day of school with tears of joy, this day so many years ago only brought tears.

Amanda's father, Kerry adds, " After ten hours, the doctors came in and said Amanda was gone and we had her baptized and said goodbye."

Donna says, "They taught her so much. So many things that I never thought she'd learn."

I didn't even start Math. it's hard. really hard."

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Donna explains, "She wanted to go to school. Most kids go, 'Oh I don't want to get up. I don't want to go. I'm sick today. I don't feel like going.' But not Amanda!"

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Amanda Boekelheide's mother, Donna, says "It's a happy day because when we started from 21 weeks being in the hospital until she was born three months early."

Through the years, Amanda's education may have Nike Shoes Black Colour been a bit unusual, but so has her attitude about learning.

Nike Shoes Black Colour

Nike Shoes Black Colour

Nike Shoes Black Colour

´╗┐Awesome Amanda Boekelheide

Kerry says, After we got a few years into school, you know then I figured, well I think she's going to make it. She'll have a good quality of life and we'll actually get to have a graduation just like other families do."

While each student's Nike Shoes Sneakers For Women 2018

graduation is special in the eyes of those who know him or her, even for those who don't know Amanda Boekelheide, her graduation this weekend will be long remembered.

She says, "Like math. Nike Shoes For Girls Black And Purple

Nike Shoes Black Colour

Donna says, "She's the biggest miracle in the world to us. And to see her graduate in front of anybody that doesn't know her. My heart just pounds a thousand beats a minute."

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Donna adds, "I didn't want to leave her there because I was afraid that nobody was going to know what to do with her the way I treated her at home."

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Kerry explains, " Our expectations were kind of mixed. We were just happy that she was still with us. They did tell us that she would probably be not able to go to school, basically be a vegetable."

This weekend in Sioux Falls, more than one thousand students Nike Shoes New Model 2017

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