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A report into the home revealed: "A large number attained excellent positions in life and many gratifying instances of have come under notice of kindly feeling retained for the old home."

The visitors walked through the girls' dayroom and playground. They noted: "One playground was well turfed, looking like a small field; the other Nike Sneakers White had an asphalt floor, useful when the grass is wet. The outdoor playroom was furnished with gymnastic apparatus, suitable for the girls.

As time went on and the years passed, regulations came into force.

"Also, the boys' side had a carpenters and shoemakers' shop, where the boys were taught by competent instructors how to use their hands to advantage.

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They asked how long it took for children to get over separation from family and friends and settle in.

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"For the encouragement of agriculture and horticulture, prizes were awarded annually for the best cultivated patch."

An appeal was made to all who valued the services of "our railway servants to strengthen the hands of the committee in their efforts on behalf of such needy children of so deserving a class of men".

"Our own experience tells us that the sweep of the scythe spares neither rich nor poor, that when the Nike Shoes High Tops Red

Before the end of the tour the visitors were met by an older girl dressed for outdoors who announced that she had been sent by matron to show the visitors what the children wore when ready to go out. The visitors commented that she looked very neat and pretty.

"In an adjoining room hang the working dresses worn by the girls when they are engaged in the kitchens and laundries. These small items are mentioned because they indicate the care taken to instil the habit of personal and individual cleanliness and neatness.

"The arrangements for the boys' side were much the same as those in the girls' quarters, although bathing facilities were different and the boys also had dayrooms.

In 1902, 230 children lived at the orphanage and more work was being done to the house to allow it to accommodate 272 children.

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harvest of death is gathered in, from the half million of humble toilers on our railways, there must in the nature of things, and through no fault of anyone, be many helpless ones left without provision for themselves and families."

At the annual general meeting in 1902, the committee reported the progress in the work of the home. "Some 49 children had been admitted and 42 had left. Suitable employment was found for those of full age Nike Shoes For Women Casual 2018

Funding for the running of the orphanage came from voluntary offerings by railway people and the public generally, subscriptions, donations, legacies and concerts.

"The circumstances of every case must, necessarily, be sad, connected as they are with death and bereavement. Examples were given of recent admissions one mother left with nine little ones, another with eight, another with seven.

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Barbara Musson, of Quarn Drive, Allestree, shares her fascinating research into the history of Derby's Railway Servants' Orphanage, which later came to be known as St Christopher's.

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The institution received orphans from every railway in the land. From the date of its establishment in 1875 to April 1902, 900 children were admitted. Of these, two thirds went into the world to earn a respectable living.

By 1929, this resulted in changes to the ages when children could be admitted. From that year, the orphanage took children aged between six and 12.

´╗┐Barbara Musson shares her research into Derby's Railway Servants' Orphanage

They noted: "Dr AE Dean (the home's secretary manager) informed us that it didn't take too long. A few sensitive children took much longer but were helped to settle by the other older children playing and talking and contemplating the sight of the big doll's house and wonderful woolly rocking horse in their new dayroom.

"All over the building, ample provision was made for extinguishing fire, should one break out, and every dormitory had two Nike Sneakers Orange

"Close by was the sanatorium; there were no patients. This was for children who had been taken ill. The services of a trained nurse was retained; also an honorary consulting physician, Dr George Rice; two honorary surgeons, Dr JA Southern and Dr Parry Jones; an honorary ophthalmic surgeon, Dr Collier Green, and an honorary dental surgeon, CJ Allin. The orphanage is indebted to these gentlemen for the services they freely render.

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"An attendant slept in every room. There were dormitories on one side of the house for the girls and the other for the boys, separated by a winding staircase in the centre of the upstairs part of the building, which led down to the main front hall. Downstairs we found a long room with basins for the girls to wash in, looking glasses, brushes and combs to tidy themselves up with.

The visitors walked through the building, taking notes as they went along. The house, off Ashbourne Road, was divided into two parts, the girls' side on the right and the boys' side on the left.

IN about 1902 03 a group of visitors were invited to tour the orphanage and see for themselves the conditions in which the children were living.

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doors in order that, if one should be blocked by flame or smoke another means of exit would be available.

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The visitors also toured the kitchens and laundries and commented that one thing they would have liked would have been a swimming pool. However, this did come many years later.

"In the garden, each boy had an allotment farm several yards in extent, which he cultivated according to his own fancy.

"Upstairs in the ordinary dormitories, each child had a separate bed; should there be two sisters or two brothers, they occupied adjacent beds.

when leaving and they had made a promising start. There are now on the books 88 girls and 152 boys."

"Each girl had her own brush and comb and a separate bag to keep them in, also a towel for her own use.

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