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One of the quirky books in this year's collection isn't particularly valuable, despite dating back to 1952. "The Homemakers Encyclopedia Etiquette for Everybody" includes chapters on table manners and the duties of a guest, breaks down the fine points of correspondence, such as writing letters of condolence, and includes illustrations with captions to emphasize important points of etiquette. "When called at an inconvenient moment, say you'll call back," the book advises.

A sale price had not been determined as of last week, but the book has fetched as much as $128 through online sales.

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The delay in finding a new home this spring resulted in a late start in organizing the sales floor, but that hasn't detracted from the thoroughness of the process. It has merely compressed the schedule, Clark said.

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"In the past the building has always been donated," according to Kathy Clark, a book sale organizer and treasurer of the association.

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Even older, a copy of "The Bells" by Edgar Allen Poe features a textured cover. It's available for $15.

at a price, however.

The annual Bloomington Crime Prevention Association "Book 'Em" sale begins Friday evening in Richfield. For more than two decades, association volunteers have sold donated books, puzzles, games, records, CDs, DVDs and VHS tapes to raise money for crime prevention programs. That hasn't changed, but for the first time in several years the sale has a new home. Unable to use space that had been previously donated at the intersection of 98th Street and Lyndale in Bloomington, the sale has moved to a former mega bookstore location adjacent to Lyndale Avenue, but now facing Interstate 494 from the Richfield side of the freeway.

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An estimated 200 vintage books have been received this year, and that's typical of most years, according to Clark. That collection includes a variety of items dating back more than a century, including books printed in the 1800s. Sometimes those books are sought after simply because they're rare and hard to find. Other times the inclusion of illustrations from a noted illustrator adds value to book. And the condition of the book influences the value as well, Clark noted.

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Nike Shoes Casual

Among this year's vintage gems is a 1945 book containing fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen, featuring vivid color illustrations unlikely to be found in contemporary publications. The book can be obtained through online auctions, but not for the low price of $5 the association is charging for it.

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Organizing thousands of books and other donations inevitably results in the unearthing of a few rare gems, unique items and quirky publications of yesteryear.

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Not everything of value is an antique. A copy of the large, hardcover book "America by the Yard: Cirkut Camera: Images from the Early Twentieth Century" may feature black and white photos from yesteryear, but the book was published in 2006. The photos were taken with a rotating panoramic camera that was produced through the first half of the 20th century. The book retailed for $100 when it was published, and can be found online today for $72. The book sale has a nice copy of it for $30.

A variety of books, videotapes, CDs and DVDs that are donated each year are too worn to sell, and those account for another truckload of materials that is hauled off for recycling, he noted.

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The new home comes Nike Shoes For Women 2017 White

The destination may have changed, but classics of literature, recent bestsellers, DVDs and even those relics of the 1980s VHS tapes have once again been collected and sorted for the benefit of crime prevention.

The Buckeye Cookbook isn't the only vintage cookbook to be had. A copy of "The Story of Crisco" features more than 600 recipes from 1914. Naturally they all call for the use of Crisco.

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´╗┐Bargain hunter's paradise moves to Richfield

two semi loads to Goodwill," according to Vice President Jay Juergens.

Books that appear to have special value are typically researched through the Internet to help set a price outside the flat rates the sale charges for most of the items sold, she explained.

Harder to find online is a copy of "The New Buckeye Cookbook." Not a typical cookbook, the thick instructional book reads more like a textbook than a cookbook. It might not have a lot of practical applications in 2013, but it provides a glimpse at food preparation circa 1891. Advice from the meat chapter on keeping pork fresh: "Roast the pieces to be kept, all ready for the table; then put them away in lard. All that is necessary is to heat through when wanted, and the lard is just as good as any for frying doughnuts or mush."

With very few exceptions, nothing is held over from year to year. Whatever goes unsold during the sale ends up being donated again.

The lease may cut into the profits, but the sale must go on, and volunteers are busy organizing the thousands of donations the same way they do every year.

"Elvis: As Recorded at Madison Square Garden" is among the vinyl albums that have been donated to the annual Bloomington Crime Prevention Association "Book 'Em" sale in Richfield. In addition to classic albums the sale features a selection of CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, puzzles and games. (Sun staff photo by Mike Hanks)

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Nike Shoes Casual

days a week, beginning in late March or early April, to organize the sale for its post Memorial Day opening. Unable to begin until early May this year, the organization has been running a six day per week operation for the past month, Clark explained.

The times have changed, and an etiquette book from 1952 illustrates that. The book is among the unique and quirky items for sale, in addition to thousands of modern day hardcover and paperback books available starting Friday evening at the annual Bloomington Crime Prevention Association "Book 'Em" sale in Richfield. (Sun staff photo by Mike Hanks)

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