Boys Nike Shoes Blue

Boys Nike Shoes Blue

Boys Nike Shoes Blue

Minsmere's herd of konik ponies give Champion the Wonder Horse a run for his money. Working all year round, these guys help keep vegetation short, creating the perfect habitat for ground nesting birds. They are far cheaper to run, can work where tractors fear to tread (deep mud and water), increase biodiversity and are sustainable. Ecologists were not the first people to utilise the koniks' ability to have great stamina on little fodder. During the First World War, German and Russian armies found koniks could pull artillery through the mud with Nike Shoes Unisex

Boys Nike Shoes Blue

Boys Nike Shoes Blue

And they are a truly stunning bird, their long slender bill gliding across the water looking for food and those legs Nike Shoes White And Red

The BBC team has been busy getting all of the footage for the star species on the show and we've had some wonderful shots so far. The badgers have really come to life and are giving us such a show. Keep your eyes peeled for more footage coming showing the badgers and their amazing antics.

´╗┐Badgers are giving us such a good show

greater ease than the horses, especially when there was less food. A total wonder horse!

Boys Nike Shoes Blue

Sam Ovendon Sam is the RSPB's membership manager and has been working for the RSPB for more than six years. She is based at Minsmere and holds the reserve very close to her heart.

Boys Nike Shoes Blue

Such a great atmosphere at the reserve and the sun made the site look extra special.

Boys Nike Shoes Blue

Boys Nike Shoes Blue

Her dad used to bring her to Minsmere when she was a little girl and she once told him that one day she would work there. Her favourite thing about Minsmere are the sand martins.

what wonderful blue legs.

Boys Nike Shoes Blue

RSPB membershp manager Sam Ovendon's favourite sight at Minsmere are the sand martins.

A tour of Minsmere:

Every day we'd love to feature an EDP reader and your experience of visiting Minsmere over the next three weeks. Simply use myminsmere on Twitter and you may find yourself appearing in our column.

Boys Nike Shoes Blue

And the avocets are Boys Nike Shoes Blue having a super year so far. It's amazing to see these birds beamed into the living rooms of millions of you all I hope you've been enjoying them too? Avocets made a comeback in the 1940s and have become one of the most successful conservation projects in the UK. Nike Shoes With Holes

My Minsmere:

Boys Nike Shoes Blue

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