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4) And finally, don just use your car to GET to the barbecue, use your car AS the BBQ! A quick internet search will show you recipes and books to actually cook ON your engine! And THAT is how you make the ordinary, EXTRAORDINARY!

Nike Sneaker Flipkart

Nike Sneaker Flipkart

1) Don be afraid to crack your windows a little bit. Even a slit just an inch or so on each side is enough to drop the temps but not big enough for anyone to reach inside.

3) Anyone drive a Corvair; the trunk was just a metal tub with a drain plug: but can you say Portable Cooler?!

Think it's time to get your car checked out? With help from our trusted car care pros here in town, it easy to do yourself at home or you can have them do it for you. It quick will help ensure your car makes it through the heat, cool as can be.

´╗┐Auto Matters

7) A good music playlist on your iPhone never hurts to add some entertainment and sing along in the car.

Nike Sneaker Flipkart

6) If you need an oil change, go ahead and get that done before your leave.

1) Up first, bring an oddball utensil: anyone can flip a bratwurst with tongs, but YOU do it with foil wrapped pliers!

Nike Sneaker Flipkart

Nike Sneaker Flipkart

Nike Sneaker Flipkart

Yes you read the title to this weeks car care tips correct! With summer cookouts and football season just around the corner, your car is the perfect place to host a tailgate party. So here are some of our tailgate tricks to make your party standout!

3) It the old standby, a window shade. These really do work to keep things cooler inside. Get a second one for the rear window too.

And that why when your AC is making you hot, I recommend taking your vehicle to one of our trusted car care pros here in town.

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Every time behind the wheel you should be a defensive driver and aware of your surroundings. Regardless of the time of day or time of year, people don't always make the smartest decisions when getting behind the wheel which can put you and your family in danger. Tell us if this scenario sounds familiar:

This month we have been covering various topics about keeping your car cool during the summer time. Today, we're discussing one essential button in your car that can make all the difference when the summer heat is turned up full force. That button we're refering to, is the AIR CONDITIONER!!! If you haven't had your air conditioner properly serviced over the past year, you may have a few common problems that will keep that button from working properly.

Nike Sneaker Flipkart

2) Next, Many vehicles now have built in coolers and chilled cup holders that a heck of a way to keep the egg salad from going bad!

2) Another thing you can do is open the windows on both sides of your car right when you get inside. As you get yourself situated for your drive, that hot air is getting pushed out.

3) Another Nike Sneaker Flipkart thing we overlook: windshield wipers. Out in the sun all day long, they dry out crack.

1) Make sure your cabin air filter is clean; if Nike Sneaker Pics

be hot. We are square into the heat of the Summer and your car is taking a beating everyday: hot temperatures mean that your engine is getting in a good workout. If you keen to your dashboard, you notice that the temperature gauge reads a bit higer this time of year. That normal as long as it doesn move too much. When that needle creeps towards the far side things go bad in a hurry. Check your owners manual for your car specifics, but a rule of thumb is to change your engine coolant every 2 years.

1) Check The Air In Your Tires. Pressure changes with temperature so if you last checked it in January, they may be WAY off here in the summer.

2) Next is your cabin air filter: you got the AC on a bunch this filter keeps the air free of contaminants.

it gummed up, that cool air isn getting pushed into your interior. Some spray cleaner and a hose can work wonders.

4) For those of you with your remote start, don't forget to crank that up! This will help tremendously!

5) If you are going to have your car parked all day, see if there are any shade options around.

5) Get your car battery checked.

And if you need a hand with keeping your car cool, make sure to stop by visit our trusted car care pros here in town.

And when you need a hand with any of these, make sure to swing by our trusted car care pros here in town!

3) Then there the actual refrigerant the system uses to create the cold air; while you CAN recharge it yourself, you HAVE to do it correctly. Too much refrigerant can actually cause MORE damage to your system.

All month long we talked about using your vehicle on holiday trips, parties and the things you see while on the road. With school starting back up in just a few short weeks, everyone is prepping for their last vacation road trip of the season. Today, we going to make sure your car or truck is up to snuff with my summertime road trip checklist to keep you and your family safe on the road.

Nike Sneaker Flipkart

4) Start your car with a full tank of gas. This way you will eliminate another stop on the way to your destination.

At this time of year it doesn't really matter where in the country you Nike Shoes Latest 2017

Nike Sneaker Flipkart

You know that moment when you pull your car door open after it been baking in the sun all day and you feel like you have just entered into a sauna? Then, as you start to break a sweat, your car air conditioner has to fight off all that heat before you ever start to cool off. Does this scenario sound familiar right about now? There is nothing we can do to change the temperatures in August, but there are a couple things you can do to keep things nicer inside here over the course of a hot day.

Nike Sneaker Flipkart

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