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"I hung around Mango (Bowen) the whole time and just tried to learn off him on and off the field," said Barba.

Barba revealed that most of Bowen and Campbell's advice centred around the mental approach to the game, rather than physical requirements.

"Blokes like them two inspire me and give me some confidence being so small.

"Matty's probably one of the most relaxed people I've met, for his position being a little bloke.

The Darwin born and Queensland raised utility has exclusively played in the halves since he moved to Sydney, but believes fullback will help preserve his body and bring out his best.

"Just being in the camp with them for a week hopefully rubs off on me, the confidence they carry into games."

Nike Shoes With Sock

"They've played so long and they've done so well in the game, that if I can be half of what those two blokes have been in their careers I'll be stoked."

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"He (Bowen) just talked about always being confident and giving me a pat on the back when I did things right and telling me if I did something wrong. He was talking about being relaxed and confident and not letting things get to me too much," Barba said.

According to Indigenous team mates, Barba was joined at the hip with Bowen all week, with the Bulldogs whippet jumping at the chance to learn directly from one of his idols.

"Just watching him and the way he plays on the field I learnt a lot.

Nike Shoes With Sock

´╗┐Barba learns how to play small

Twenty one year old Barba stands at just 174cm and is hoping to be down to 87kg for round one.

Nike Shoes With Sock

100 miles an hour most of the time.

Cleaning up loose balls and returning kicks means fullbacks come in for their fair share of punishment, and the All Stars camp taught Barba that for a little man, bouncing back is all about attitude.

Nike Shoes With Sock

"He said to just give yourself time and relax, I tend to be going at things Nike Shoes Zig Zag Bottom

Nike Shoes With Sock

Nike Shoes With Sock

"It definitely keeps me out of the firing Nike Shoes With Sock line . it saves a bit of energy being back there and hopefully that energy can come out when we've got the ball and I can do something myself," he said.

size underneath the high ball, and spent last week in the Indigenous All Stars camp picking the brains of two No.1's who became star's despite their statures.

Nike Shoes With Sock

Bowen is similarly built, while Campbell gives away Nike Shoes Black And White High Top

Nike Shoes With Sock

Nike Shoes With Sock

even more size and both had tips for Barba on how he can adjust his game and make his dimensions work to his advantage.

Barba emerged as an attacking phenomenon in the Toyota Cup in 2008 and showed moments of brilliance as he settled into more regular first grade last year.

Nike Shoes With Sock

Nike Shoes With Sock

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